Introducing our very own Master Craftsman “Bud”


At Eaton General we are proud to have a such a talented master craftsman as part of our team. “Bud” as many call him, or George Stuart, is a legend in the industry with over 41 years of fine wood working and finish carpentry skills. He handcrafts each piece with such extensive care and attention to detail combining  old fashioned methodology with modern tools and technology.

Each piece of work receives the same quality of care be it a staircase, small door for a crawlspace, a sturdy butcher block table or a complete kitchen. Bud will create a uniquely handcrafted piece that is designed specifically for you in mind. When you hire Eaton General to custom build your kitchen cabinetry, or that special piece of furniture, you can rest  assured that you are recieving the best possible  quality and service, thanks to our very own master craftsman, “Bud” Stuart.